About The Angels

Introducing local angels, courtesy of Wanstead Local Directory

Introducing local angels, courtesy of Wanstead Local Directory

A few years ago I created a calendar ‘Angels of Wanstead’ featuring great people in and around the area. The idea was to sell it in aid of my favourite charity; Cyclists Fighting Cancer. I wanted to include some written text in it too, and while I would have preferred to write about local angels (those whose activities benefit others in our community), to do so proved impractical in the time available.

It was something I wanted to do, so I approached Lee, the proprietor of our local directory and volunteered to write a column.

I’ve found so many local angels: our very own Pearly Queen, a lady who invites homeless people to share Christmas dinner with her family, a retired man who uses all his money to educate children in India, a fantastic midwife, another who gives those unable to walk through bad weather lifts so that they can socialise in the local coffee shop, not one but two owners of hair salons who help others in various ways, several guerilla gardeners, campaigners, people who raise money for charity.

If you’re local (by that I mean the rough area of Wanstead, Woodford, Walthamstow, Stratford, Leystonstone and Loughton) and know someone who you think I could include please let me know.

We’re into our third year now, around 30 angels to date. I thought I’d share their stories with you