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DJs and Decision Making on #tandatuesday

Rather than dive into details of tandas and timing I thought this post should set the scene, so I’m starting with an overview of how people feel about DJs and the music they… Continue reading

Space and Room on #wordymonday

Actually I think this really represents the nervous system or part of it, but I’ve selected it for the second interpretation of Space (suggested by Ms Hedgehog) because out of context it could… Continue reading

Midsummer Mindfulness #2 Between (In) Us

The second of the Midsummer Triplet I saw at the Camden People’s Theatre was an intense search by two people to find their own unique and shared language of movement. Obviously carefully thought… Continue reading

Midsummer Mindfulness #1 On the moon there are flowers..

I love my job, particularly the wonderfully creative people with whom it brings me into contact. Tonight I went to a triptych of experimental midsummer mindfulness. I had been invited by the talented… Continue reading

Room on #WordyMonday

I know it’s not dance, but this is what I’ve been doing all day and it’s a wonderful illustration of room. Room to breathe, room to move, room to whiz over rocks and… Continue reading

Dystopian Dance by Tony Adigun

Again, I’m on deadline with far too much to do to think of intelligent words to go with this image so I’ll just say that this followed my previous experience of Tony Adigun’s… Continue reading

Elephant on #WordyMonday

Today’s WordyMonday theme, Elephant, was suggested by Ms Hedgehog . I’ve decided to show it through the phrase ‘the elephant in the room’. On researching the story behind Cathy Marston’s choreography I discovered… Continue reading

Witch-hunt at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House

Yesterday, after a short set of set-up shots I was able to stay and photograph the entire dress rehearsal of Cathy Marston’s Witch Hunt. Her last choreography for Bern Ballet, this contemporary dance… Continue reading

Penguin on #WordyMonday

Today’s #WordyMonday word, Penguin, was suggested by Ms Hedgehog. I thought about interpreting it a little more creatively but in the end decided not to, since Jayne Torvill was even wearing black and… Continue reading

Ethics – not a distant county!

In writing this post I discovered that it’s difficult to write about my personal ethics without sounding as if my thoughts are all over the place or as if I’ve disappeared up my… Continue reading