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Space and Room on #wordymonday

Actually I think this really represents the nervous system or part of it, but I’ve selected it for the second interpretation of Space (suggested by Ms Hedgehog) because out of context it could… Continue reading

Room on #WordyMonday

I know it’s not dance, but this is what I’ve been doing all day and it’s a wonderful illustration of room. Room to breathe, room to move, room to whiz over rocks and… Continue reading

Elephant on #WordyMonday

Today’s WordyMonday theme, Elephant, was suggested by Ms Hedgehog . I’ve decided to show it through the phrase ‘the elephant in the room’. On researching the story behind Cathy Marston’s choreography I discovered… Continue reading

Penguin on #WordyMonday

Today’s #WordyMonday word, Penguin, was suggested by Ms Hedgehog. I thought about interpreting it a little more creatively but in the end decided not to, since Jayne Torvill was even wearing black and… Continue reading

Intense, on #WordyMonday

I’ve suggested this shot, the opening image of ‘Noted’ (Yolande Yorke-Edgell’s new work that was performed at the Lilian Baylis Theatre last year) to represent the word ‘intense’, which was suggested by JokerXL … Continue reading

Elevation for @JokerXL on #WordyMonday

This week’s WordyMonday word was suggested by Marty Hirst. It’s a great word to illustrate with dance images because there are so many ways it could be interpreted. I chose Felipe’s balancing act… Continue reading

Conflagration for #WordyMonday

This WordyMonday image is in response to Nellie Nutgeren’s suggestion. I had planned to go find a closeup of the very photogenic Tankus in his burning hat but with 3 days to go… Continue reading

Cavort for #WordyMonday Blue Jeans @CollaboDance with @slumcivilians and @_emerwalsh

I’m still processing the images I took on Friday at Collabo at Stratford Circus so this was an easy choice. It’s in response to Stacey Drummond’s suggestion on my facebook page. I choose… Continue reading

Dance representing Igneous for #WordyMonday

As well as being commonly known as fire rocks, the word is derived from the Latin word ignis which means of fire such as the kind of burning fire like a lighter. The… Continue reading

Recycled on #wordymonday

In response to a #wordymonday suggestion from Ms Hedgehog, I’ve posted this behind-the-scenes photograph of the hip-hop dance theatre production of Voices in the Alley, a collaborative production between Cindy Claes of Spread… Continue reading