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Sparkle at the London Cabaret Awards

Sometimes all you need is a little sparkle.

Playing with fire (close up and very low light)

Both images: Allie Ho Chee dancing with fire at Milo Miles’ Tainted Virtue in London I’m so tired I ache all over and I have several important deadlines which must be met in… Continue reading

Wanted; Miles More Cabaret Shows

Dancer from Milo Miles‘ Elysium I’m working on a feature about cabaret for Dance Today. The editor wants it to be mostly images so I’m processing the photos I’ve already taken while thinking… Continue reading

Glorious Miles of Cabaret

Milo Miles and troupe I’m about to start work on another article related to cabaret so thought I’d post some photos from the gloriously extravagant Milo Miles production. Other related posts are Life… Continue reading

Slick, Silky, Sexy

by Milo Miles Productions Easily the best cabaret I’ve seen so far, it’s also a dinner club and takes place in beautifully appointed rooms in the City. Milo Miles Productions’ Elysium is well… Continue reading

Will Silks

Back to the Big Dance Bus in Islington because I didn’t have the time to go to Covent Garden as I hoped to do yesterday. This is Will, performing a solo silks piece.

Big Dance Day 5

What a relief to not have to post a new image every day! With the full Big Dance upon us the only time I can scrape time to get on the Internet is… Continue reading

hoop dancing in old vic tunnels

This is one of a series of shots from a recent cirus party at the Old Vic Tunnels that was organised by Salida Productions. With even lower light than normal and an audience… Continue reading

versatile surprise

It was with surprise and amazement I read that one of my new blogging friends CaityRosey had decided to present me with a Versatile Blogger Award. That’s why I’ve selected the image of… Continue reading

life is a cabaret

The last few days have been mad. I’ve worked as hard as I can, done more hours than is sane, and can only now believe that I might be back up to date… Continue reading