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Shooting Starlets Having Fun

There are about four waking hours today and maybe one tomorrow before I’m off to hospital, so I’m taking the easy way out for today’s post. As I mentioned in previous posts, one… Continue reading

City Academy Dancers at Dancesation Expo

All images: City Academy dancers at Dancesation Expo 2012 Earlier today I had a great meeting with the people at City Academy, the results of which I hope to be able to publish… Continue reading

Dancesation Expo Revisited

Young dancers at Dancesation Expo 2012 The article I wrote about Dancesation Expo, which was published in this month’s Dance Today, has been so well received that I thought I’d post some more… Continue reading

Tango for APARU kids

Both images taken at Negracha Tango Club, London I am looking forward to getting some more tango shots at Tango Movement’s Annual Ball which as always will raise money for disadvantaged children in… Continue reading

Ultimate Dance Challenge for Save the Children

Both images: Dancers in a Contemporary Workshop at Save the Children’s ‘Ultimate Dance Challenge’ at Laban yesterday, Sunday 7th October It has been an incredibly busy weekend and on Sunday I went to… Continue reading

Distance – with Tango Al Fresco

More from Tango Al Fresco at Regents Park in August. I’ve chosen these because the distance between each of the dancers’ heads tells its own story. Kele Baker, who is also a choreographer,… Continue reading

Al Fresco Smiles

More from Tango Al Fresco at Regents Park in August. Organised by Kele Baker the twice-yearly event is in aid of the Royal Parks Foundation. Related posts include Intense Enjoyment, Portraits and Two… Continue reading

Tango Al Fresco – intense enjoyment

Dancers at Tango Al Fresco in Regents Park this August Here’s another few of the shots I took at Tango Al Fresco. I’ve grouped these together because of the intensity of their enjoyment.… Continue reading

Interview with Mark Short

Mark Short teaching Thriller at Dancesation Expo 2012 One of the pieces of work I’ve recently done for Dance Today is to gather a set of quotes to go with a piece on… Continue reading

Mark Short teaching ‘Thriller’ at Dancesation Expo.. and the audience’s reaction

A few of my shots of Mark Short’s Thriller workshop (Mark is City Academy’s Head of Dance among other things). More images to come, meanwhile the organiser Yvonne is still hoping to raise… Continue reading