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BARBU, A nearly-no-spoilers review

Fun, strength, musicality, coordination and humour. Everything a circus should be – and more – with attitude.

Sinewy on #WordyMonday

What perfect timing! I’ve chosen two other shots of Felipe performing acrobalance at the House of Wolf to illustrate this word, suggested by Milo Miles some time before Christmas. Please suggest more words… Continue reading

I never imagined

How busy – or how tired – I’d be while working at the RAI in Amsterdam. With schedules and deadlines to fill, a hotel about 30 minutes away and a 14ish hour day… Continue reading

Oops! on Australia Day

This image, taken in very low light, is of Jackie Le, arguably the most photogenic Australian I shot in 2012. Events – and energy – have conspired to stop me posting recently. However,… Continue reading


Ribbon dancers at the Greenwich Cultural Festival (c) Carole Edrich 2010 The word for this week is Ogygian. Another word I had to look up when I first read it, I think it… Continue reading

Hoops and Watcher (and win tickets on #WorldAIDSDay)

All images: Performers at Milo Miles’ Productions performance of Tainted Virtue at the Brickhouse Here’s a final selection of the images that didn’t make it to the article on cabaret that I recently… Continue reading

Win London Cabaret Tickets on #WorldAIDSDay

All images: Allie Ho Chee on the hoop in Tainted Virtue at the Brickhouse. A penultimate selection of images from Milo Miles’ production Tainted Virtue which runs until December 1st, because Dance Today… Continue reading

Top Hats and High Heels

Both images: Performers at the Top Hats and High Heels Jubilee Cabaret I’ve selected these two images from the last Top Hats and High Heels performance in Summer because there’s another one tonight… Continue reading

Toeing the Line with Compagnie Retouramont

Both images: Compagnie Retouramont at Dancing Oxford 2012 I’m dog tired and have lots more work to do so have decided to cheat a little tonight. As it’s only 2 days before I… Continue reading

Playing with fire (close up and very low light)

Both images: Allie Ho Chee dancing with fire at Milo Miles’ Tainted Virtue in London I’m so tired I ache all over and I have several important deadlines which must be met in… Continue reading