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Stability on #WordyMonday

On November 16th, 2010 the building of human castles (Castells) by teams (Collers Castalleres) was declared by UNESCO to be one of the ‘Masterpieces Of Oral And Intangible Heritage of Humanity’. The tradition… Continue reading

Rain Dancers of Vuokatti

Both images: Strictly style dance competitors in the rain in Vuokatti, 2011 The weather has been horrible today – dull, grey, wet and far too cold – but I’m off to somewhere marginally… Continue reading

dancing in the wet village square

Very nearly one of those tango clich├ęs I’m working to avoid in, this is another of the pairs competing in the Strictly-style competition at last year’s Vuokatti Dance Festival (

four star formation

This shot was also taken at the first Vuokatti Dance Festival. Part of a huge group, I shot these dancers in isolation because I wanted to emphasize their faces.

dancing in the rain

I shot this at the Vuokatti Dance Festival, is of a local Strictly-style competition. Local celebrities were judged by locals selected in a competition. The rain made no difference to anyone although it… Continue reading

vuokatti dance festival group

I had a fantastic time at the first Vuokatti Dance Festival in Finland last year where, apart from all kinds of public performances in the rain, they held the first over-30s dance competition… Continue reading

building human castles

Conventional shots of the finished human castle have their place, but I wanted to give an idea of what it feels like to do. It’s really hard work and each supporting member must… Continue reading

tightening the castel belt

Traditionally, the long wide Castellar belt is put on as tightly and smoothly as possible. It supports the back – vital since each pillar-member will bear the weight of several people – and… Continue reading