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OneTwoThreeOneTwo (Review)

A brief synopsis of an interpretation of flamenco by Albert Quesada and Zoltán Vakulya at Lilian Baylis, London.

#metoo turned inside out: a performance of womb-centric healing

Anecdotal account of my experience watching a rehearsal of Womb Paves Way

Editorial Pastures and Partners New

Having made the decision to cut down my travel writing – no more press trips just because I can get the stories published, it’s time to concentrate on what I most love –… Continue reading

Lepton: A #WordyMonday challenge

It is currently thought that leptons and quarks are seen as the basic building matter of the universe. Unlike quarks, which exist only in composite form with other quarks, leptons exist on their… Continue reading

One Billion Rising: VDay flashmobs #1billionrising

Today was hard. I had to get up at 6am to get everything done, which I only just managed, am fighting some kind of virus (have been for days) and felt really really… Continue reading

Dance shot to illustrate the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for #wordymonday

  Some time before Christmas Ms Hedgehog suggested that I use the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for a #WordyMonday dance photography challenge. I had planned to do so in January but life got in… Continue reading

One Billion Rising – Flashmob in 7 days

One Billion Rising (OBR) is looking for people of all ages and abilities to take part in a dance flashmob on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be writing about it and the initiative (brainchild of… Continue reading

Have A Wonderful Christmas

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! May you; love and be loved, be happy and healthy, have pleasure in discovery, be strong of mind and body, take pleasure in small things, grow as an… Continue reading

Unwritten with @OneYouthDance @ChisenhaleDance

What a wonderful last formal assignment before Christmas! A performance of Unwritten, produced and arranged by Joanna of One Youth Dance. The idea of Unwritten was to create new work that the company’s… Continue reading

When Flash Isn’t Flash

Performers at 60×60, Stratford Circus (c) Carole Edrich 2010 Don’t use flash It’s a simple instruction. Given, presumably, because the organiser concerned is accustomed to people who default to flash photography and whose… Continue reading