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Real voyage of discovery – Marcel Proust #Quote #Image #Dance

This shot is from the piece Landfill, choreographed by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn and performed as part of One Youth Dance‘s Presence in December 2013.

Duende on #wordymonday

Duende. An ambiguous concept that can only really be understood when you’ve felt it for yourself. It’s a way of describing that still, sharp state where anything’s possible; the ‘Zone’; the Zen Moment;… Continue reading

Joy in looking – Einstein #Quote #Image #Dance

This shot is from the piece Flux, choreographed by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn and performed as part of One Youth Dance‘s Presence in December 2013.

Morning Glory: A morning rave set me up nicely #LoveMyJob

I went down to cover Morning Glory this morning (along, it would seem, with the rest of the UK’s national and local media and bloggerati). Everyone – and I do mean everyone –… Continue reading

Five ways to improve your Carnival photography

It’s coming up to  Carnival time in London and we can look forward to some of the most colourful and exciting open air dance shots of the year.  Wherever your planned Carnival shoot,… Continue reading

Photographing Poppin’ Pete at BoxPark

A couple of days ago I went to interview and take photographs of Poppin’ Pete who has been giving poppin’ workshops in the Pop-Up shop in BoxPark, Shoreditch. Because it was constrained by… Continue reading

Working hard on Dance Photographer of the Year

I’m working hard on the Dance Photographer of the Year competition today as it’s going to be launched next month. There will be excellent dance travel prizes, places for winners images in publications… Continue reading

It’s Not(t)dance

The stages of a dance meme, the creative progression of thought in the development of an artwork that incorporates critics into the dance itself, masturbation and performance art, the body’s betrayal of cooperative… Continue reading

Dance Photographer of the Year – Pre Launch FAQs

March is always my busiest month, with (Move-It, NottDance, Saddler’s Wells Flamenco Festival, financial year-end and more. Although I’ve done better than normal in clearing outstanding tasks, this period is going to be… Continue reading

Aire on #WordyMonday

The concept behind the flamenco word Aire would be difficult to represent even if I chose to do so using flamenco shots, but I’ve decided not to do that because Sadler’s Wells Flamenco… Continue reading