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“From the cushion of the gale”

All images: Hip Hop dancers performing at St Pancras on the first day of Big Dance 2012 I’m in Thessalonki. It’s warm, thre’s barely a cloud in the sky and for the first… Continue reading

3 dance images representing Locus on #wordymonday

All images: Young dancers from Akademi celebrating the official launch of Big Dance 2012 at St Pancras Station I selected this first photograph of young Akademi dancers below a clock and the Olympic… Continue reading


All images: Shobana Jeyasingh’s Too Mortal at St Mary’s Church, Clissold Park. I’ve chosen images of this Shobana Jeyasingh Dance performance, taken in June this year and part of Big Dance 2012, because… Continue reading

Flamenco Carmen

Both images: Carmen performed by students of Escuela de Baile at the Peacock Theatre. Someone from Escuela de Baile reminded me that I haven’t finished processing my shots from the Escuela de Baile… Continue reading

Flamenco – Concentration in Chelmsford

This shot of Jairo Barrull is from way back before Big Dance, when he performed at Chelmsford. I’m posting it to celebrate having finally processed all the non-urgent images from his performance. Maybe… Continue reading

Surprises Streb at Trafalgar Square

Coming back into radio contact now after a very intense trip looking for brown bears, polar bears, moose, beluga whales and bison in Northern Canada. This shot is another that I took on… Continue reading

London Went Latin

Yesterday I interviewed Leigh, who was responsible for the whole huge London Goes Latin event which was held on the last day of Big Dance. Part of this was a huge attempt to… Continue reading

SurprisesSTREB’s Human Fountain at Trafalgar Square

This is another shot from last week’s @SurprisesSTREB performances. I’ve chosen this performance because it’s one that has been less covered by the popular press, possibly because the rigid contraption from which the… Continue reading

Streb Surprise at Millennium Bridge

I got up at 5am to take this and used a very long lens (thank you Alan). Found a place on the bank of the river that would give me a different angle… Continue reading

Tango Walk – Improv by tech staff

Another from the Tango Walk last week. I took quite a few shots of these two technical assistants who, without warning, decided to do their own little (ballroom) tango improv. Tanja’s tango site… Continue reading