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Recycled on #wordymonday

In response to a #wordymonday suggestion from Ms Hedgehog, I’ve posted this behind-the-scenes photograph of the hip-hop dance theatre production of Voices in the Alley, a collaborative production between Cindy Claes of Spread… Continue reading

Slithering on #WordyMonday

I’m responding to another #WordyMonday suggestion by the Mischievous Milo Miles. I chose photographs of dancers in moves (and at angles) that could be interpreted as slithering and enhanced this impression by using… Continue reading

Have A Devilish New Year’s Eve! #WordyMonday

I created a photographic interpretation of the word ‘devilish’ in response to a #WordyMonday suggestion by the multi-talented Milo Miles. Selected from my images of a performance of Tony Adigun’s Illegal Dance at… Continue reading

(Apocalyptic) Aftermath on #WordyMonday

Milli Wouters suggested this word in jest, as this will be the first #WordyMonday since the purported end of the World last week. I think the images themselves tell the story and as… Continue reading


I stumbled across this word while trying to delete an unwanted menu; it was apparently the word of the day yesterday. I’ve not saved it for #WordyMonday because I already have a… Continue reading


Both images: Tomorrow’s Men at Canary Wharf Time for a change. Every Monday I’m going to pick images that I think reflect an interesting sounding word, some of which I hope that you… Continue reading

Black Album #2

both images: Tony Adigun’s Black Album performed at The Place As you can see it was very very dark. I also wanted the images to convey the atmosphere of this part of the… Continue reading

Black Album #1

All images: Avant Garde Dance’s Black Album On Friday I was lucky enough to be at a full dress rehearsal of Avant Garde Dance’s new production ‘Black Album’. A compilation of familiar old… Continue reading

Wanted: 5 Dancehall dancers near Birmingham

I’ve posted this image for Cindy’s expression and the suggestion of movement in her foot Cindy Claes is looking for 5 performers based in or Birmingham for a new dancehall play that she’s… Continue reading

avant flyers

I rediscovered this while getting some images together for a proposal I’m working on today. It reminds me how lucky I was at this year’s Breakin’ Convention, when I only received permission to… Continue reading