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No Better Metaphor starts on tuesday

Better late than never? An introduction to the exhibition of my work which will start on July 3rd in a cafe in Leytonstone, London.

The Red Dress Dance Project

Manuela Benini’s Red Dress Dance Project, part of which is currently on exhibition at Sadler’s Wells, highlights the complexities of tradition and the constant cycle of change, with particular attention to some of the biggest inequities on our planet.

“The true measure of a person.. ” #inspirational #quote #MartinLutherKing

“The true measure of a person is not where they stand in times of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge and controversy” is a quote from Martin Luther… Continue reading

Getting arty with One Youth Dance

Saturday was enormous fun, the first of two days shooting for Joanna Shaw of One Youth Dance (who I also have a commission to write about for the March issue of Dance Today).… Continue reading

Transient on #WordyMonday

Today I’ve used one of my shots of the largest Aboriginal dance festival in the world to denote the word transient, partly because I was visiting for such a short time but also… Continue reading

Anyone for tennis?

More from the Angels shoot with Lemington and Nejc, mainly because I’ve promised to post this image.

Nejc and Lemington

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been commissioned to do another shoot with Nejc and Lemington for Dance Today. It will be in a studio (this time) and feature the two men dancing in… Continue reading

Photo interpretation of Intrinsic for #WordyMonday

Learning how to choose between panning, motion blur and frozen motion are great ways to develop photographic skills. That’s why I take City Academy photography students there, it’s an important part of the… Continue reading

It’s Not(t)dance

The stages of a dance meme, the creative progression of thought in the development of an artwork that incorporates critics into the dance itself, masturbation and performance art, the body’s betrayal of cooperative… Continue reading

Aire on #WordyMonday

The concept behind the flamenco word Aire would be difficult to represent even if I chose to do so using flamenco shots, but I’ve decided not to do that because Sadler’s Wells Flamenco… Continue reading