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One Billion Rising! Join Us!

Violence in any form is unacceptable. That against women can take many forms. From the insidious to the horribly blatant, it’s with us daily. It happens here in the UK as well as… Continue reading

Dance shot to illustrate the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for #wordymonday

  Some time before Christmas Ms Hedgehog suggested that I use the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for a #WordyMonday dance photography challenge. I had planned to do so in January but life got in… Continue reading

Electrotango lift and turn

Neither of these images are of a style I’d normally go for since they’re less likely to sell to magazines, but I was looking for very different effects when I took them. In… Continue reading

A Marriage of Dance and Art; Love, Seduction and Courtship in the Renaissance

Months ago, when the Metamorphosis: Titian exhibition still had a while to go, Ms Hedgehog and I decided to go to a guided lecture-tour on dance in Renaissance paintings. It was one of… Continue reading

One Billion Rising – Flashmob in 7 days

One Billion Rising (OBR) is looking for people of all ages and abilities to take part in a dance flashmob on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be writing about it and the initiative (brainchild of… Continue reading

Intensity in Performance

Last night we were treated to an absolutely delicious Gaucho meal to promote their ‘underground dance night’ – an electro tango performance on the top floor with special cocktails as well as the… Continue reading

Oops! on Australia Day

This image, taken in very low light, is of Jackie Le, arguably the most photogenic Australian I shot in 2012. Events – and energy – have conspired to stop me posting recently. However,… Continue reading

Slithering on #WordyMonday

I’m responding to another #WordyMonday suggestion by the Mischievous Milo Miles. I chose photographs of dancers in moves (and at angles) that could be interpreted as slithering and enhanced this impression by using… Continue reading

City Academy Belly Dance Taster: Saturday at Sadler’s Wells

Today was absolutely packed. I started by loosing 40 minutes looking for a spare camera battery before remembering it was already packed with the rest of my camera gear, went on to wrap… Continue reading

Lindy Hop at the Stag’s Head

Shooting New Year’s Day’s Vintage Jive and Lindy Hop was special because of everyone’s evident enjoyment. Not for these people the serene half-smiles of the tango dancer, the seriousness sometimes bordering on aggression… Continue reading