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Emerging Dancer

Yesterday I had to leave the Emerging Dancer rehearsals in the South Bank early to get to the meetings I had set up in a new, high profile and very useful travel networking… Continue reading

Sinewy on #WordyMonday

What perfect timing! I’ve chosen two other shots of Felipe performing acrobalance at the House of Wolf to illustrate this word, suggested by Milo Miles some time before Christmas. Please suggest more words… Continue reading


I went to House of Wolf to shoot two friends tonight. As ever, I looked around and staked out the probable best places to take photos from. As ever, I found myself sprawled… Continue reading

Capoerista control and cat slowmo redux

Some time ago my friend Jeremy Hoare shared a beautiful slow motion comparison of the behaviour of two very different sorts of cat. I love the elegant beauty in the cats’ motion, the… Continue reading