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10 Uses For Your Photographer’s Workbook

Uses of the photographer’s workbook for beginners and improvers

It’s Not(t)dance

The stages of a dance meme, the creative progression of thought in the development of an artwork that incorporates critics into the dance itself, masturbation and performance art, the body’s betrayal of cooperative… Continue reading

London Pride

England, Italy, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Germany, India, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Greece, Afghanistan, Chechenia, Australia, Canada, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Hong Kong, Argentina, Georgia, Sweden, Finland… It sounds like a random list of nations,… Continue reading

Self Portrait; doing what I love

That’s me to the right of the image, backstage with the gorgeous Millie Dollar last night at the House of Wolf. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get much of her act because I… Continue reading

Capoerista control and cat slowmo redux

Some time ago my friend Jeremy Hoare shared a beautiful slow motion comparison of the behaviour of two very different sorts of cat. I love the elegant beauty in the cats’ motion, the… Continue reading

A Marriage of Dance and Art; Love, Seduction and Courtship in the Renaissance

Months ago, when the Metamorphosis: Titian exhibition still had a while to go, Ms Hedgehog and I decided to go to a guided lecture-tour on dance in Renaissance paintings. It was one of… Continue reading

One Billion Rising – Flashmob in 7 days

One Billion Rising (OBR) is looking for people of all ages and abilities to take part in a dance flashmob on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be writing about it and the initiative (brainchild of… Continue reading

Oops! on Australia Day

This image, taken in very low light, is of Jackie Le, arguably the most photogenic Australian I shot in 2012. Events – and energy – have conspired to stop me posting recently. However,… Continue reading

Wonderful Huelva

What an incredible experience! The people at Cerro de Andevalo and the beautiful environmentally friendly boutique hotel Narayana Casa Camilo laid on an extraordinary night. This traditional flamenco from the area – from… Continue reading

Darcey Bussell agrees to be judge for Dance Photographer of the Year! #DancePOTY

There’s not even a day left before I go to Andalusia on a photojournalistic tour of the cultural roots of flamenco and there are a hundred other things that must be done before… Continue reading