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Tango Walk – Improv by tech staff

Another from the Tango Walk last week. I took quite a few shots of these two technical assistants who, without warning, decided to do their own little (ballroom) tango improv. Tanja’s tango site… Continue reading

Tango Walk – the lesson

I was commissioned to do a photo feature on Tanja Raaste’s Tango Walk, one of the Big Dance events held on the South Bank. This shot, from last Saturday, of Alfredo Martin Espindola… Continue reading

faster, stronger, higher

Another rushed day, with a photocall that included Dance GB (the English National Ballet, the Scottish Ballet and the National Dance Company Wales) at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. It was… Continue reading

peruvian dancers in covent garden and a chance to win a trip to peru with kuoni

Part of a promotion arranged by Peru Tourism today, these two are dancing Festejos. This is an Afro-Peruvian dance from the coast and in it dancers are allowed quite a lot of leeway… Continue reading

cable beach kids

This shot, of two children dancing for fun at dusk on Cable Beach continues several themes, that of photographing children, that of low light photography and the most important to me, which is… Continue reading

a better tango space

While I’m no closer to finding just one shot that gives all viewers an impression of the essence of tango, this one says a lot to me for a number of reasons. I… Continue reading

minding the tango gap

I was able to combine a friend’s tango birthday celebrations with work on a commission for Jubilee dancing shots from Dance Today yesterday at Abrazos. While there I decided to see if I… Continue reading

thames tango and the oxo tower

A completely oppportunistic shot, this was taken at River Tango when I saw the couple (both charming people and friends) dance under the strong lines of the Oxo Tower. Despite the fact it… Continue reading

tower bridge tango

The tube was horrendous last night, when I travelled home from a production of Wah Wah Girls at the Peacock Theatre. It was as busy as the worst of the rush hour and… Continue reading

first pair dancing

I decided to open the series on the flashmob held to commemorate the arrival of the Olympic flag in the UK with a shot of the couple who started it. Shooting this was… Continue reading