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dancing in the wet village square

Very nearly one of those tango clichés I’m working to avoid in, this is another of the pairs competing in the Strictly-style competition at last year’s Vuokatti Dance Festival (

dancing in the rain

I shot this at the Vuokatti Dance Festival, is of a local Strictly-style competition. Local celebrities were judged by locals selected in a competition. The rain made no difference to anyone although it… Continue reading

you’re never too old to tango

Not too long ago a tango dancing (tanguero) friend told me that I was a tango addict because I keep a pair of tango shoes in the boot of my car. He has… Continue reading

tango in their own style

Capussi and Flores have their own style. Well rehearsed and in wonderful synchronisation, they keep in character irrespective of the difficulty of their moves. Although this shot captures them mid-move you can see… Continue reading

lowlight tango flick

Eduardo Capussi and Mariana Flores dance show tango with a difference. Think humorous tango vaudeville, short stories which while amusing for those not familiar with the dance, also have visual and dance jokes… Continue reading

tango through a pool of light

Another perspective in my quest to find one image that shows the essence of tango, I took this shot at Negracha Tango Club last Friday. I’ve chosen it because it gives an idea… Continue reading

milonga watcher

  Those who organise this milonga seem to believe that the atmosphere is improved by limiting the lighting to a few candles and the light of an open fire, so it’s nearly impossible… Continue reading

tango shadow dancers

I was happy to catch this shot which I took in Tango South London some time ago. While less clichéd, it doesn’t really represent the essence of tango as it could just as… Continue reading

unconventional embrace

It’s a shame that the lady’s moving hand here partially obscures the man’s face. Taken at Spitalfields, I like this unconventional shot because they are so obviously having fun. However, tango purists wouldn’t… Continue reading

tango grabador

Despite the fuzziness due to such low light, I was happy with this shot, taken at Hackney Tango a couple of years ago. The image behind the mirror appears to have a skirt… Continue reading