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!Ay Rocío!

I wouldn’t normally post about something that I had no photos for (the shot above was taken years ago), but last night’s performance of Danzaora by Rocío Molina has to be done. Taking… Continue reading

Making History Making Choreography #HackneyLive

The night before last I went to the first of what will hopefully – eventually – become the first of a series of online dance events in which people all over Hackney were… Continue reading


I spent most of today interviewing and photographing Milos and Luis about their new collaboration, their plans and their sources of inspiration. Both dancers, they trained at the same time at Laban and… Continue reading

Lepton: A #WordyMonday challenge

It is currently thought that leptons and quarks are seen as the basic building matter of the universe. Unlike quarks, which exist only in composite form with other quarks, leptons exist on their… Continue reading

Dance shot to illustrate the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for #wordymonday

  Some time before Christmas Ms Hedgehog suggested that I use the phrase ‘enclitic particle’ for a #WordyMonday dance photography challenge. I had planned to do so in January but life got in… Continue reading

Oops! on Australia Day

This image, taken in very low light, is of Jackie Le, arguably the most photogenic Australian I shot in 2012. Events – and energy – have conspired to stop me posting recently. However,… Continue reading

Darcey Bussell agrees to be judge for Dance Photographer of the Year! #DancePOTY

There’s not even a day left before I go to Andalusia on a photojournalistic tour of the cultural roots of flamenco and there are a hundred other things that must be done before… Continue reading

City Academy Belly Dance Taster: Saturday at Sadler’s Wells

Today was absolutely packed. I started by loosing 40 minutes looking for a spare camera battery before remembering it was already packed with the rest of my camera gear, went on to wrap… Continue reading

Tommy Franzén agrees to be a judge for Dance Photographer of the Year

Despite working much of the Christmas period I’ve not yet done everything I had planned, although I do expect to have caught up sufficiently with my work to be able to go to… Continue reading

Rain, Gene Kelly and Tommy Franzén

Image: Dancing in the Rain (socially) at Dance Al Fresco, 2008 I’m really busy at the moment trying to get all the important things done before my upcoming surgery. That’s because I want… Continue reading