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Dance Photographer of the Year – Pre Launch FAQs

March is always my busiest month, with (Move-It, NottDance, Saddler’s Wells Flamenco Festival, financial year-end and more. Although I’ve done better than normal in clearing outstanding tasks, this period is going to be… Continue reading

Fire and Flame Audience watch Graciela and Diego

It’s taking ages to upload the processed images from the Paris Tango Fire and Flame Ball, so while I’m waiting I thought I’d post a couple of images taken from a different perspective… Continue reading

Bare with hair at the London Cabaret Awards

It was actually quite relaxing to shoot the people on stage last week at the London Cabaret Awards. People winning prizes don’t tend to move about much, so even with low light the… Continue reading

A Marriage of Dance and Art; Love, Seduction and Courtship in the Renaissance

Months ago, when the Metamorphosis: Titian exhibition still had a while to go, Ms Hedgehog and I decided to go to a guided lecture-tour on dance in Renaissance paintings. It was one of… Continue reading

Have A Wonderful Christmas

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! May you; love and be loved, be happy and healthy, have pleasure in discovery, be strong of mind and body, take pleasure in small things, grow as an… Continue reading

Burlesque Showcase

I’m really hoping to have finished processing the photographs from the burlesque dancing section of the City Academy Showcase today as I want to give everyone at City Academy an idea of the… Continue reading


Ribbon dancers at the Greenwich Cultural Festival (c) Carole Edrich 2010 The word for this week is Ogygian. Another word I had to look up when I first read it, I think it… Continue reading

OMI + Water Marks

Toni Adigun’s OMI performed at Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention (c) Carole Edrich 2012 After long consideration I’ve decided to tone down the watermark on my photographs and; apart from on facebook, will instead… Continue reading

Carribean dancers in the grounds of Greenwich Castle

Both images: Caribbean Dancers at Greenwich Festival 2011 Looking back for images of warm bright weather I found these, part of one of many performances at Greenwich Festival in the grounds of Greenwich… Continue reading

Rugose on #wordymonday

Image: Aboriginal Elder ready to sing at the 2011 KALACC Festival It’s Wordy Monday again and because I’ve still not had any suggestions I picked the word Rugose as today’s theme. I thought… Continue reading