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Silhouette: Flamenco at the Peacock

In retrospect it was naive to think that I’d have the opportunity to rest after Big Dance ended. The Cultural Olympiad continues, the Mayor of London’s Summer Like No Other will go on… Continue reading

peruvian dancers in covent garden and a chance to win a trip to peru with kuoni

Part of a promotion arranged by Peru Tourism today, these two are dancing Festejos. This is an Afro-Peruvian dance from the coast and in it dancers are allowed quite a lot of leeway… Continue reading

gawai dancer with scarves

iban dancers

The Iban tribe, dancers of which are shown here, is one of three who celebrate Gawai. This dance celebrates the warriors’ strength.

sarawakian ladies

It has been a very busy few days and I’ve not had much time on the internet, although staying in a longhouse and trekking through the jungle has other fantastic rewards. Taken 2… Continue reading

saint pancras surprise

This Merchants of Bollywood showcase was held in St. Pancras International station last year. It was certainly a pleasant surprise for one passing commuter!

cheeky face dancing from aida gomez

Also from Sadler’s Wells Flamenco festival, this shot, of Compania Aida Gomez shows that good flamenco dancers really do dance with their faces.

tassles detail as Yerbabuena dances

I like this shot of the famous flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena because of her expression and the silky movement of the tassels. I shot it at Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festivsl last year

shadow circle

The Sardanes, a traditional circle dance, is danced with pride by Catalans irrespective of whether they’re in Spain or France. Images of the dancers themselves tell the story of the many different individuals… Continue reading