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Dancing together at Gawai in Sarawak #6

Both images: Dancers and visitors celebrate Gawai by dancing together. Sarawak, Malaysia In Sarawak everyone I met was friendly, making conversation was easy and all my questions were answered enthusiastically which meant I… Continue reading

Gawai in Malaysia #5

Both images: Traditional courtship dance in Borneo This dance fascinated me. Not for the extended choreography (which I suspect has been adapted by the choreographer to make a show closer to what he… Continue reading

Blow pipe tribesman in Sarawak, Malaysia

Both images: Blowpipe dancer in Sarawak I’m working on some really low light photography at the moment. It’s for part of the series of dance travel pieces due for Dance Today. As we… Continue reading

gawai dancer with scarves

iban dancers

The Iban tribe, dancers of which are shown here, is one of three who celebrate Gawai. This dance celebrates the warriors’ strength.

sarawakian ladies

It has been a very busy few days and I’ve not had much time on the internet, although staying in a longhouse and trekking through the jungle has other fantastic rewards. Taken 2… Continue reading