Dance Cuttings

This is a fairly random selection which is not regularly updated. You can download more examples from the new Dance GRiST app from Amazon Apps, iPlayer and Android Apps. While these are all by Carole Edrich, if you’re interested in what we’ve collectively had published on a specific theme or performance please contact us.


Flamenco floors, Dance International, 2018

Obibini, a no spoilers photo review A no-spoilers review incorporating images taken during rehearsals,, 2017

The Flamenco Triangle, Flamenco based travelogue for rail trip to Huelva, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga, Travel By Lightfoot, 2016

The Pink Jukebox Trophy, Feature with brief review,, 2016

Interview with Rick Guest, Interview and brief review,, 2016

The Future of Dance, DanceUK seminar review, 2015

Chat its fate, Travelogue, dance and spirits, 2015

Funmi Adewole’s Dance in Africa: Snapshot Series,  Image and short description,, 2014

Behind the scenes in shadowland with Pilobolus Dance Theatre , Examining the science-dance combination, 2014

A Shaw thing, Profile of Joanna Shaw, One Youth Dance, Dance Today 2014

Looking back on a Hip-Hop London Summer, Feature,,  2014

A week in photos, 2014

But Is It Dance But Is It Dance” Preview of Dance, Art, Seduction and Courtship in the Rennaisance, at the National Gallery, Dance Today 2013

My first My last, Marking Greenwich Dance’s First and Last Cabaret and the departure of their director Brendan Keaney, a number of personalities from the dance world share their experiences, Dance Today 2013

Dancing at Gawai Dayak, Dance Travel photo feature on a few of Borneo’s harvest festival dances, Dance Today 2013

Timing and Tandas, DJs and dancers talk about the best type of tanda (Argentine Tango), Dance Today 2013

Big Dance, Dance Today cover image, 2012

Dreamtime and dancing, Dance Travel photo feature on the largest Aboriginal dance festival in the world, 2012

Urban intelligence Urban intelligence #2 Urban intelligence #3, Inspired by ‘One Man Walking‘ a review of London’s street dancers, Dance Today 2011

Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival Brochure, probably 2011

Siobhan Jeyasing at Somerset House, Dance Today cover images 2010

Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival Brochure, probably 2009

Flamenco Flamenka, 2008

‘Rites’, Klaus Obermaier, 2007

Carmen by Compania Metros, 2006

Flamenco in London, 2005