Guest Contributor?

Thank you for agreeing to write for the DanceGRiST blog. If you would prefer to watch a video that discusses this page let us know.

There are 5 sections to our mutual agreement. They are;

Section one 1, Rights and Money. Section two 2, Writing Your Post. Section 2a, Mandatory Stuff. Section 2b, Optional Stuff. Section 3, And Finally.

1. Ethics, Rights and Money

1.0. This blog is part of what we do to support artists. That means you need to identify performers in your images wherever possible, always list the cast at the end of your post and give the full details of the photographer who shot any photos that you are using.

1.1. If this blog is monetised we will contact you to show how any shares have been distributed (including what has been calculated as your share).

1.2. If we see an opportunity to place this blog elsewhere, we will contact you and discuss if – and how – it should be done.

1.3. If we see an opportunity for you to tweak this blog and potentially get money from an article or similar we will contact you.

1.4. You guarantee that what you write in this blog post is yours to include, or that you have direct permission to post it from the originator. You understand that if this work is not yours, any opportunities that we identify will go to the person or organisation who provided the copy.

1.5. Your post should be unique content and not published elsewhere. If you would like us to share an article that has already been published, please contact us and we will look into ways to do that with correct references.

1.6. You guarantee that the images that you include belong to you, or that you have explicit permission from the photographer or image creator to include them.

1.7. The images that you include in this blog will always belong to the person who took them. The images might get re-used in this blog and on our social media channels. We will not re-use them elsewhere without your explicit permission.

1.8. We have a service that chases photo theft. If our service finds that your photos have been stolen from the blog we will contact you or put you directly in touch with our service. Either way, any compensation we get for these photos will go to you less a fee that reflects our costs.

1.9. If you see a photo on this blog (or elsewhere on DanceGRiST media) that is not correctly identified or attributed you will let us know so that we can put it right.

2. Writing your post

2.1. We will give you your own access so that the blog post is clearly identified as being created by you. You undertake not to abuse the trust that this access implies.

2.2. If you have any problems with wordpress or any other aspect of your post, you will ask your point of contact or Julia-Carolin. Ask quickly. Ask if you have any doubts at all. We do not want you to worry, or to spend lots of time working things out when it will be quicker to ask and be shown.

2.3. The writing we need includes an alternate description of any images you use. This is the essence, as would be interesting to a blind or partially sighted person.

2.4. The writing we need also includes a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 key words.

2a. Mandatory Stuff

2a.1. When you have entered your post SAVE IT IN DRAFT


2a.3. When your post is complete, email your contact to get them to review it.

2a.4. Your contact will review your post, edit if appropriate and feed back significant changes. If there are significant changes it is up to both of you to agree together that it is ready for publishing.

2a.5. Write at least 300 words.

2a.6. Include at least 1 image. You must have explicit permission to use this image. The image should be landscape (netflix format) NOT profile (NOT instagram format)

2a.7. Write short sentences.

2a.8. Use headers.

2a.9. When you upload images, include a full description and caption and clearly identify who the copyright belongs to. This is probably the photographer.

2a.10. Put at least 5 and no more than 15 key words in the ‘tags’ field.

2a.11. Include at least 1 outward link. This needs to be relevant to your work. It might be ticket sales, your website, background or something else relevant.

2a.12. Include at least 1 inward link. This must be to a relevant post from the blog.

2b. Optional Stuff

2b.1. Write at least 1,000 words

2b.2. Use at least 3 headers

2b.3. Use the guidance at the bottom of the blog entry page to increase your readability.

2b.4. At the bottom of the blog post put one sentence in this format;

<<name>> is <<what you do>> at/for/of <<name>> OR <<name>> is a self employed <<what you do>>


Carole is Founder of DanceGRiST OR Julia-Carolin is a self-employed SEO consultant

2b.5. Expand your photo description using your key words in sentences. Use all the fields to maximise your post’s visibility.

2b.5. Use your top 5 keywords in your first paragraph

2b.6. Add more links if they have relevant content

3. And Finally

3.1. If you link to your work from your own Social tell us! We can then share it on.

3.2. If you contribute more than 5 posts we will invite you to include your photo, bio and links on our Contributors page. If we don’t remember to invite you, remind us!

Thank you

Please note, if you are a dancer or movement creative you may use this text – in whole or in part – provided you credit DanceGRiST and link back to us. Anyone else wishing to use this text in whole or in part should contact us for permission.