Workshops, Training and Model Shares

If you’re interested in my group courses for beginners and improvers (on starting photography, studio photography, performance and dance photography) please visit City Academy’s photography courses.  Alternately contact me as I provide short informal evenings for a friends’ meetup group.

The list below is for those who have completed these courses or have a similar level to the people who have done the courses.

This page is a heads-up, if I see an opportunity to give these courses and have the time, I tend to post it on my Facebook page Carole Edrich Photography. Of course, one-on-ones (see below) can always be arranged provided we both have free time, so if you’re not willing to keep an eye on the page or join such things on an ad-hoc basis, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

I also give structured one-to-one and on-location mentoring for the more experienced photographer or those wanting to develop a portfolio or photo-journalistic career as such individuals have particular requirements that need a different approach. These tend to be in or around London but can be done anywhere as I travel a lot for my work and have good contacts in the dance community.

Contact me for your requirements, or refer to the list below; Portfolio development, Ballroom dance, Argentine tango, Shooting fast moves in low light, Live dance photography, Studio dance photography, Lighting for dance photography, Stage lighting and dance photography, Dance Model photography, Performance and Gig Photography, Studio work, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance, Urban, Street, Jazz, Dance Portraiture, Advanced Dance Photography Techniques, Artists Statement and Project Definition,

If you are interested in any of the above please contact me.