Christine Mc Connell, Angel of Wanstead, on a very sad day

I’ve posted this Angel having just come back from Christine’s husband’s funeral which reflected what I know of him – and Christine – well, in that it covered his passions, his humour and… Continue reading

Doreen Golding, Pearly Queen

My third Angel, from my column in Wanstead Local Directory.

Oranges are not the only fruit: Contact Gonzo and Lengger

A performance so outstanding that I’ve reviewed it after the photocall. Contact Gonzo and Lennger

Mark Mountney, Angel of Wanstead #2

About Mark Mountney, the second in the series of Angels of Wanstead.

Colin, the first ‘Angel of Wanstead’

Introducing Colin Bird the first of a series of local heroes from a column I contribute to Wanstead Local Directory.

You are walking, you are an expert

Image of Yorke Dance Company and quote from Twyla Tharp.

In Life As In Dance..

“In life as in dance…” A beautiful dance image accompanied by a quote about grace and dance by Alice Abrams<a href="”> Read More…

He capers, he dances..

“He capers, he dances ….” A beautiful dance image accompanied by a Shakespeare quote from the Merry Wives of Windsor<a href="”> Read More…

Let your life lightly dance..

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time..” a dance quote from Gurudev and image from Milo Miles’ cabaret Biju

I go with the flow..

Image from Yorke Dance’s Wordsworth and quote from Gael Garc√≠aBernal.