tassles detail as Yerbabuena dances

I like this shot of the famous flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena because of her expression and the silky movement of the tassels. I shot it at Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festivsl last year

samba movement

A quick retrospective tonight. I thought it would be interesting to show how my shot of this samba dancer made front cover.

cable beach kids

This shot, of two children dancing for fun at dusk on Cable Beach continues several themes, that of photographing children, that of low light photography and the most important to me, which is… Continue reading

avant flyers

I rediscovered this while getting some images together for a proposal I’m working on today. It reminds me how lucky I was at this year’s Breakin’ Convention, when I only received permission to… Continue reading

versatile surprise

It was with surprise and amazement I read that one of my new blogging friends CaityRosey had decided to present me with a Versatile Blogger Award. That’s why I’ve selected the image of… Continue reading

life is a cabaret

The last few days have been mad. I’ve worked as hard as I can, done more hours than is sane, and can only now believe that I might be back up to date… Continue reading

a better tango space

While I’m no closer to finding just one shot that gives all viewers an impression of the essence of tango, this one says a lot to me for a number of reasons. I… Continue reading

minding the tango gap

I was able to combine a friend’s tango birthday celebrations with work on a commission for Jubilee dancing shots from Dance Today yesterday at Abrazos. While there I decided to see if I… Continue reading

hoops, top hats and high heels

One more shot from last night’s alternative Jubilee evening before I go to shoot more Jubilee dance today. This again is Jackie Le on the hoop at the Flying Fleas’ Top Hats and… Continue reading

alternative jubilee evening

It has been a busy day, chasing Jubilee related dance shots in the rain. Here’s one of Jackie Le from this evening’s Flying Fleas production. Postscript 25th July 2012, Jackie is using this… Continue reading