circus strength

This is one of a series of shots from a recent cirus party at the Old Vic Tunnels that was organised by Salida Productions. With even lower light than normal and an audience… Continue reading

bright lights in a dark stage

Another shot, taken last Saturday at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre at the premier of Rights (?) by LCP Dance Theatre. That I couldn’t use flash during the performance is normal, but it’s… Continue reading

contemporary courage

I had a fantastic day of shooting yesterday. The schedule started with a high speed James-Bond style tour of the Thames (which included the release of the best part of 250,000 balloons) celebrating… Continue reading

dancing in the wet village square

Very nearly one of those tango clich├ęs I’m working to avoid in, this is another of the pairs competing in the Strictly-style competition at last year’s Vuokatti Dance Festival (

four star formation

This shot was also taken at the first Vuokatti Dance Festival. Part of a huge group, I shot these dancers in isolation because I wanted to emphasize their faces.

dancing in the rain

I shot this at the Vuokatti Dance Festival, is of a local Strictly-style competition. Local celebrities were judged by locals selected in a competition. The rain made no difference to anyone although it… Continue reading

vuokatti dance festival group

I had a fantastic time at the first Vuokatti Dance Festival in Finland last year where, apart from all kinds of public performances in the rain, they held the first over-30s dance competition… Continue reading

preparing for performance

The huge range of countries, nationalities and organisations participating in Big Dance 2012 was announced this morning along with events at Westfields and the Big Dance Schools Pledge. The latter is a Guiness… Continue reading

all dressed up

I took this shot at the Harrods Tea Rooms in a special Tea Dance event in 2008 and have used it to illustrate an old controversy; about whether or not children should not… Continue reading

they’re in awe

I don’t normally process images to this extent, it’s not cost effective, but I wanted to make this look as magical as possible to the little girl in the picture. I had been… Continue reading