How Bob Hope learned to dance..

Image of Yorke Dance’s Wordsworth and comedic dance quote by Bob Hope.

Hand In Hand on the edge of the sand..

“Hand in hand on the edge of the sand..” Dance quote from Edward Lear and image of Richard Alston Company dancing the Britten Sinfonia

No dance has turned out the way I thought..

Image of Yorke Dance’s Wordsworth and a quote from the choreographer Mark Morris.

Music Made Visible

Image of fan dancers at the Wam Bam Club and a quote by George Balanchine.

Win tickets to the Mariinsky Ballet at the Millennium Centre, Wales

Win tickets to see the Mariinsky Ballet in Wales

Since the fairies left off dancing..

“Since the fairies left off dancing….” A beautiful dance image accompanied by a quote by John Shelden <a href=""> Read More…

Dancers are instruments..

This week’s inspirational dance quote, from George Balanchine, is; ‘Dancers are instruments, like a piano the choreographer plays’.   After watching Balanchine stage a new version of Ballets Russes Le Chant de Rossingol,… Continue reading

See the music, hear the dance.

Photograph of Fan dancers at the Wam Bam Club and inspirational dance quote by George Balanchine.

10 pointers to help you become a better social dance photographer

10 points to help you improve your dance photography.

25 Angels and pieces I’m proud to have written

Features I’m proud to have written which cover topics as different as risk management, travel, quality assurance and my local heroes column for Wanstead Directory