This is a very brief summary created to give an overview of the background that I draw on to work with dancers and other creatives whilst building Dance GRiST. If you want something more comprehensive ask me or visit my LinkedIN profile.

Project and Programme Management

A variety of financial, technical and cultural projects often spanning multiple countries including;

KAI Corporation (Risk): In 1995 I started a successful boutique risk management consultancy that peaked at a turnover of £3.5m with 12 consultants plus support staff. Clients were major national and international organisations in both private and public sectors. As an internationally acknowledged thought-leader in big-picture risk management I was also a popular speaker and writer on risk management issues.

All the projects with which I was involved came in on time, to – or under – budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

Finance and Banking includes: consolidation of data from all Shell’s operating companies from 52 countries, merger-creation of NatWest Group, consolidation of Commercial and General with Norwich Union to form CGNU.

Infrastructure includes: Consolidation of British Rail Signalling Systems for privatisation.

Health and risk management includes: Year 2000 risk management for Regents Blue Shield Group and British Telecom MNS, Bloomsbury Health Authority patients debtors sytem, Creation of UK central government’s risk management exams.

Publishing includes: Co-publisher for Real Travel magazine cooperative. Editor of Tango News (1 year), Flamenco News (30 months), Dance Today (interim – 4 months)

Consulting clients, companies and roles

Festivals, Shows and Exhibitions

Events for which I’ve been responsible include:

Various events for my photography students, 2013-2019

Various events for my dance photography students, 2011-2019

Dance All Over E17, borough-wide dance festival, 2015

Stars of Tomorrow, annual UK national bodybuilding competition, 2000-2008

KAI Corporation (Risk) conferences and shows, 1998-2002


4 personal solo photography shows in Holborn, ExCeL, Leytonstone and Wanstead (2010-12)

1 for my photography students (2018) exhibition booklet at

1 for an online competition for the moblog photo community, exhibition in Wanstead (2006)

Joint photographic exhibitions include Fire and Ice, Studio3 Arts (2019), various Creative Bloc (2011-current)

Photography Competitions for which I’ve been solely responsible

Dance Photographer of the Year (2014),

I’ll tell you a Story (2006)


Too many  to list, but they include books I’ve written under my own byline, that I’ve collaborated with others to produce, that I have ghostwritten and that I have contributed to, features on dance, travel, lifestyle and risk management, academic papers on risk management and marketing copy for social media, websites, print media and intranet. A few examples are below;

Risk and Business

Extracts from The Digital Firm (2018) a privately published book selling over 3,500 copies to date

Component case study #24 Société Générale Trading Loss-1 (2014)  for behavioural economics textbook.

Extract from the final chapter of first section of a behavioural economics book (2016)

Business-oriented academic paper on risk management in the UK and central European government (2005)


The Joy of Dance, book, 2015

Hootfoot magazine contribution

DanceUK seminar review, 2015

More dance cuttings at

Travel and Lifestyle

Great Cycle Journeys of the World (book), New Holland, 2011.

Walking in Halkidiki (anecdotal review). On Foot Traveller, 2016.

Canadian Currents (photo feature, anecdote). Wexas Traveller, 2015.

Red Tango / Rojo Tango (review)., 2013

Best Cycle Routes for Country, Culture and Cafés (roundup/review)., 2015

Digital Detox – No Smartphone for 100 days (anecdote)., 2015

Tips on Tipping (book), 2011

More travel and lifestyle cuttings at