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Please vote! More #dance images with #quotes or #something different

Time to take stock, I’ve been posting quotes of the week every Friday since January 2013. Do you like them? Would you like me to continue with them? Or would you like something… Continue reading

It’s all about the dog (and tango of course) #dance #photos #tandatuesday

It’s always great when I find a new perspective from which to show the social dances I shoot so I was really happy to discover that neither dog nor owner minded my including… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday / Easter / pagan ceremony of your choice. I took this shot a couple of days before Emerge, One Youth Dance’s last production. I’ve only covered the company for… Continue reading

Tango Al Fresco – Portraits

Portraits of various personalities at Tango Al Fresco, the twice-yearly outdoor tango organised in Regents Park by Kele Baker I’m finally getting the time to process some of the shots from Tango Al… Continue reading