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German Kral on ‘Our Last Tango’

Interview with German Kral on ‘Our Last Tango’ (Un Tango Mas)

Captioning your selfies

I was asked to contribute a piece of advice on captioning selfies for another Coca Cola piece. This one didn’t get edited out (the one I’m writing about next week did). I’ve put… Continue reading

Dance image representing ‘meticulous’ on #WordyMonday

I chose the word ‘meticulous’ for this week’s #wordymonday word for a very particular reason, although if you weren’t there you’ll need the following explanation. I was recently lucky enough to be asked… Continue reading

dance image representing enervated on #wordymonday

Today’s #WordyMonday word is enervated, meaning ‘without vigour, force or strength’ or ‘languid’. I chose the image because of how I felt as I followed her up. It was right at the beginning… Continue reading

It’s all about the dog (and tango of course) #dance #photos #tandatuesday

It’s always great when I find a new perspective from which to show the social dances I shoot so I was really happy to discover that neither dog nor owner minded my including… Continue reading

Images representing cynomania on #WordyMonday

This couple made for a lovely set of shots with a very different perspective yesterday at the last Spitalfields tango of the season. That’s why, once again I found a word that suited… Continue reading

dance image representing evanescent on #wordymonday

This week I’ve chosen the word evanescent to represent in dance photos for #WordyMonday. It’s a bit of a cop-out, since I chose it because of the images I wanted to share rather… Continue reading

Courting Cortinas – a #tandatuesday post

Lynn Collins spends hours choosing cortinas; “because I think they are a vital part of the flavour of a milonga. Choice depends on [the] time of day, harmony with tango music and general… Continue reading

Sorry – no #tandatuesday this week

I have some really horrible deadlines and can’t do the subject justice, although there is a whole lot more I’d very much like to talk about. I will have the time next week… Continue reading

Introduction to #TandaTuesday

If you know anything about Argentine tango you’ll know that traditional salon tango is played in tandas (groups of tunes) punctuated by cortinas (non-tango musical breaks). You might not, however, be aware of… Continue reading