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“Without the light..” #dancequote #MargaretAtwood #dance #image #quote


Today the quote is from Margaret Atwood’s book “The Year of the Flood“. It is ‘Without the light, no chance; without the dark, no dance’. The image is one I took at this… Continue reading

Sedulous on #wordywednesday #dance #photo


I decided to use the word sedulous after reading it in a Lord Peter Wimsey novel. A sedulous individual is one diligent in application or attention, one who is persevering or assiduous. Certainly… Continue reading

Watch the Dot Dot Dots #flamenco #dance


I’ve been following Dot Dot Dot for a while, having come across Yinka Esi Graves while researching one of the long term projects I have on the burn. They’re an interesting group, fronted… Continue reading