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Help save the arts after brexit

Template letter to send to your MP to help protect the arts after Brexit

Freedom, Brexit and More..

Freedom, Brexit & More. A summary of what I’ve shared with Mum, who still thinks that the BBC is impartial -if only- in the hope that they’re useful to others. #stopbrexit #fairvote #fbpe

12 Challenging Facts We Must Live With

Some general non-emotive points to consider in these turbulent times

No Apologies

Why I’ll not post regularly for a while, my reaction to current events and some academic stuff.

Paco Peña on Patrias, The Artistic Process, Nationality and BREXIT

The full version of my Huffington Post interview with Paco Pena on his forthcoming production PATRIAS at Sadler’s Wells

Letter to my MP

I dropped this letter into my MP’s office this morning. It’s one of the 4 things you can do if you don’t want to Brexit. Feel free to copy and modify as appropriate.

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