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“Poetry is an echo..” #CarlSandburg #dancequote #dance #image


This week I’ve chosen a quote by Carl Sandburg to go with a photograph of Compagnie Retouramont at Oxford Castle during the 2011 Dancin’ Oxford Festival. The quote; “Poetry is an echo, asking… Continue reading

Somnambulatory on #WordyMonday


I selected this image which I took in 2011 to represent the word somnambulatory, which was suggested by JokerXL. While the performance by Retouramont was great, this kind of sleepwalking would be a… Continue reading

Toeing the Line with Compagnie Retouramont


Both images: Compagnie Retouramont at Dancing Oxford 2012 I’m dog tired and have lots more work to do so have decided to cheat a little tonight. As it’s only 2 days before I… Continue reading

half shadowed


Half shadowed Compagnie Retouramont

An image from last year’s Dancin’ Oxford

what they see


What they see

Compagnie Retouramont dancers posing on the wall of Oxford Castle

dancing afoot


Dancing Afoot

In an interview, Patrice Guillot told me of how the production used projections of images showing different perspectives such as that of the dancers themselves.

castle dance


Compagnie Retouramont at Dancin' Oxford

The second year Retouramont performed at Oxford Castle, it was interesting to see how the choreographer’s use of the space has changed and compare the audience’s reactions