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Conversation with Trajal Harrell

Just before the exhibition, this brief conversation with Trajal Harrell reveals how his thinking has changed over the years and how his initial perspectives were formed.

Every dance is a kind of fever chart..

I took this photograph years ago at an East London Dance show called 60×60 in which 60 different dancers were given 60 seconds to perform to music that lasted for the same amount… Continue reading

“It’s not a test” #Inspirational Dance Quote by WayneMcGregor

“With dance and theatre I think people get very nervous about not knowing the right things. They feel like they’ve missed something, or that they’re not bright enough to watch it. It’s not… Continue reading

epiplexy on #wordymonday

I found the word epiplexy while working my way through the wonderful Luciferous Logolepsy. The word is particularly personally apposite at the moment and is also represented well by Zamira Kate‘s choreography Six… Continue reading

Acclivity on #wordymonday

I’ve selected the word ‘acclivity’ for today’s #WordyMonday word. Meaning an upwards slope or ascent I chose this shot that plays with the sound of the word as well as its meaning. The… Continue reading

Emerging Dancer

Yesterday I had to leave the Emerging Dancer rehearsals in the South Bank early to get to the meetings I had set up in a new, high profile and very useful travel networking… Continue reading

between the benches

I’ve been so busy that I missed a post yesterday. Trying to coordinate press access for Big Dance Week would have been enough on its own, but I’m also finishing work for the… Continue reading

handily contemporary

It was much easier to understand the choreographer’s intentions in the context of this, the whole production than it was from the photocall. This free performance, which will be performed in different churches… Continue reading

contemporary crypt-ic

Getting from the Peruvian thing in Covent Garden to St Mary’s Church for TooMortal yesterday was quite a rush but well worth it. This shot, featuring Avatara Ayuso (front right) with Alejandra Lucrecia… Continue reading

contemporary flame

I’ve chosen this shot, taken at 60×60, held in Stratford two years ago, because I’m waiting to hear whether I’m able to take photos at the event this year in July. I like… Continue reading