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12 top tips for shooting flyers, front covers and posters

How to compose great photographic images for front covers, flyers and posters.

Oranges are not the only fruit: Contact Gonzo and Lengger

A performance so outstanding that I’ve reviewed it after the photocall. Contact Gonzo and Lennger

What are you waiting for?

Photo from Kidd Pivot’s The Tempest Replica and quote by George Balanchine along with a little of his history.

Why are you holding back?

Image from Yorke Dance Theatre’s Wordsworth and quote from George Balanchine with a little about the man.

Ida Y Vuelta At España On Fire

“Who is that?” was the most repeated admiring whisper from tonight’s audience at Espana On Fire. Someone else told a friend that Lourdes Fernández Menayo outshone Álvaro Guarnido Muñoz at the Pena. That… Continue reading

One Youth Dance Uncovered #YouthDance #Charity #review

2014 was an extraordinary year for One Youth Dance. Their Principal; Joanna Shaw, has done them – and herself – proud. It’s not just that the company has become a registered charity (a… Continue reading

Be happy for this moment – Omar Khayyam #Quote #Image #Dance

“Be happy for this moment, This moment in your life” a quote, purportedly from Omar Khayyam for this week’s #quoteoftheweek. From the performance ‘Presence’ by One Youth Dance in 2013.

80% of success – Woody Allen #Quote #Image

The quote of the week is from the ever perspicacious Woody Allen; “Eighty percent of success is showing up” and is a production shot from One Youth Dance’s 2013 production Presence.

Images representing cynomania on #WordyMonday

This couple made for a lovely set of shots with a very different perspective yesterday at the last Spitalfields tango of the season. That’s why, once again I found a word that suited… Continue reading

Once you have tasted flight – Da Vinci #Quote #Image #Dance

Today’s quote of the week is from Leonardo Da Vinci; “For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, and there… Continue reading