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REDD; first impressions

REDD by Boy Blue Entertainment; a few impressions

CIRCLES, a review of the choreopoem

A review of the sharing of Sonny Nwachukwu’s sharing of CIRCLES

DanceGrist at the Royal Society of Arts: How Dancers Make and Express Change. Guest Review

Kate Coleman shares her views on the event DanceGRiST at the RSA, held on June 13th 2019

Thinking about infrastructure

As we ramp up the infrastructure in preparation for the next step in business development, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time thinking about organisational structures that will minimise overheads.

Hip Hop at the Arts Foundation Futures

The Arts Foundation Futures Awards, hip hop, life and (what I’m taking as) more proof that DanceGRiST is needed.


My impressions of E14 Dance Company’s ‘Danube’, based on a rehearsal at Chisenhale Dance Space.

Father Figurine: a quick review

I went to see Father Figurine a while ago at the Omnibus Theatre in London. I was going because I wanted to support the two performers in it – Isaac Ouro-Gnao and Tyrone… Continue reading

#metoo turned inside out: a performance of womb-centric healing

Anecdotal account of my experience watching a rehearsal of Womb Paves Way

No Better Metaphor starts on tuesday

Better late than never? An introduction to the exhibition of my work which will start on July 3rd in a cafe in Leytonstone, London.

Warm humour and wry observation

Bailamos Opa! A no-spoilers almost-review