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If I don’t [dance] I will crumble

Quote and biographical snippet about Rudolf Nureyev and photograph of Jean Abreau in Blood.

Paco Peña on Patrias, The Artistic Process, Nationality and BREXIT

The full version of my Huffington Post interview with Paco Pena on his forthcoming production PATRIAS at Sadler’s Wells

Prose walks, poetry dances

Picture of Richard Alston’s anniversary production of Britten’s Sinfonia and dance quote by James Broughton.

Since the fairies left off dancing..

“Since the fairies left off dancing….” A beautiful dance image accompanied by a quote by John Shelden <a href=""> Read More…

Master technique and then..

“Master technique..” A beautiful dance image and inspirational dance quote by Anna Pavlova <a href="”> Read More…

Wishing You All The Best for 2016!

Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2016 and the following years.
This image is from The Tempest Replica, a Kidd Pivot production.

finger on #WordyWednesday #image #dance

This is Jenny Thomas who choreographs the Charleston at the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She and Strictly star Robin Windsor gave MPs a short lindy hop dance lesson in Parliament last week. It… Continue reading

Sylvie Guillem on technical perfection #dance #quoteoftheday #dancequote

Today’s quote by Sylvie Guillem; “Technical perfection is insufficient. It is an orphan without the true soul of the dancer” was suggested by Christine Webb. The dancer is the beautiful and talented Seeta… Continue reading

Dancers are the athletes of God #quoteoftheweek #einstein #dance #photograph

Dancers are the athletes of God, Albert Einstein

Normative as dance images on #WordyMonday #photography

I’ve decided to continue WordyMonday with a few small changes. I still plan to interpret a word with a dance image and would still love suggestions but I’m going to write about how… Continue reading