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This time last year I was lucky enough to be involved with the London chapter of One Billion Rising, the movement against violence against women initiated by Eve Ensler. Managed and coordinated by… Continue reading

Flamenco Flashmob Perceptions

Dancers and audience at the London instantiation of the worldwide flamenco flashmob held at mid-day on Saturday 29th September to celebrate Seville’s flamenco Bienal Between the first flashmob and the second, while I… Continue reading

Find Black Rose ‘Karmaa’ in a flamenco flashmob

The London instantiation of a world-wide flamenco flashmob, these dancers at Stables market in Camden are performing a tangos, choreographed by Rafaela Carrasco. This morning I only just managed to finish and send… Continue reading

Join the Ilford Olympic Flashmob!

I chose this photograph of Isaac Fletcher giving a workshop to some of his younger students because of the forthcoming flashmob he’s organising. For more information see my post for Dance Today here… Continue reading

contemporary courage

I had a fantastic day of shooting yesterday. The schedule started with a high speed James-Bond style tour of the Thames (which included the release of the best part of 250,000 balloons) celebrating… Continue reading