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Join us in London tomorrow evening

Invitation to join us at the Private View of an exhibition of my students’ images

Schmäh and Coffee House Culture in Salzburg

On the way to Salzburg my taxi driver Johann attempts to explain coffee house culture. In doing so he demonstrates the uniquely Austrian quality schmäh.

Conversation with Trajal Harrell

Just before the exhibition, this brief conversation with Trajal Harrell reveals how his thinking has changed over the years and how his initial perspectives were formed.

Why I’ve not been blogging, with apologies to Shakespeare

My first proper blog post of the year explains why I didn’t blog regularly last year and what to expect this year.. in the style of Hamlet’s Soliloquy.

No dance has turned out the way I thought..

Image of Yorke Dance’s Wordsworth and a quote from the choreographer Mark Morris.

Sententious on #WordyWednesday #dance #news #

I chose the word sententious because of the experience I had on Monday when I went to Parliament to photograph MPs learning to dance. Only the third time dance has been performed in… Continue reading

Rules and fun – Katharine Hepburn #Quote #Image #charity #book #gift

What could be more appropriate for this time of year than the following quote by Katharine Hepburn; “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” and who could be more… Continue reading

It’s all about the dog (and tango of course) #dance #photos #tandatuesday

It’s always great when I find a new perspective from which to show the social dances I shoot so I was really happy to discover that neither dog nor owner minded my including… Continue reading

Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop and the Summer of Love

I’ve just filed a piece on The Bridge and Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop with LondonDance.com. Big Up (as they say) to Kate Scanlan and team from Scanners Inc for providing what was a… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday / Easter / pagan ceremony of your choice. I took this shot a couple of days before Emerge, One Youth Dance’s last production. I’ve only covered the company for… Continue reading