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Around the Flamenco Triangle


I’ve always been fascinated by flamenco. Not the woman in scarlet with a rose between her lips. That cliché exists only in the tackiest of tourist shows. Rather, the living art that reaches straight into your heart without the intercession of conscious thought. How better to understand people, contrasts and culture than with an epic trip by train?

Researching influences on fandangos in Huelva


The experiences I had in Huelva, during the first two days of this trip around Andalusia would have been a privilege even in times of economic plenty. Country representatives, those responsible for logistics,… Continue reading

Wonderful Huelva


What an incredible experience! The people at Cerro de Andevalo and the beautiful environmentally friendly boutique hotel Narayana Casa Camilo laid on an extraordinary night. This traditional flamenco from the area – from… Continue reading