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To Crop Or Not To Crop

This post discusses cropping and helps you understand the pros and cons of cropping for those who are learning more about photography

Shoot a better USi (Group Selfie)

Back in July I was asked to give some quotes on how to shoot group selfies for a high profile brand which turned out to be Coca Cola. My direct quotes were edited… Continue reading

Chitra Visweswaran #Quote #Flamenco #Dance #DanceQuote

This week’s inspirational dance quote is by Chitra Visweswaran; “Every art is the expression of the ‘here and now’ when you elaborate its natural dynamics. Dance is movement, literature, archaeology, mystery, music, painting,… Continue reading

My wishes to you in 2015

I’ve learned a lot in 2014; about myself, about others, about dance, film, photography, diet and health. This photograph of the wonderful Tommy Franzén and Zenaida Yanowsky in a film short (Leda and… Continue reading

Álvaro #flamenco #ronniescotts #dance

“I like it when he looks like Jesus” said Cherry, with whom I was at España On Fire at Ronnie Scott’s on Sunday. I asked her because she had never seen Álvaro Guarnido… Continue reading

7 things to consider before asking me for something for free

  I’ve written this post in response to the many people in the dance industry who have asked me for free images (3 of whom have done so, just in the last 3… Continue reading

Open letter – why I charge dancers for my photos #copyright #earningaliving

No #WordyMonday today. It might be the anaesthetic (I had major surgery last week) but I’m really tired of this kind of thing, so after having had three very nice, measured and considered… Continue reading

ISO on #WordyMonday

One of my students at a recent City Academy photography workshop asked me what ISO was so I thought I’d talk about it here for #WordyMonday. To accompany it I’ve chosen this recent… Continue reading

Snap, Capture, Crack – words, photography and rights

When people (who I assume are all professional photographers) took umbrage at a comment I made on Facebook (‘nice capture’) on a gorgeous shot of two sparrows at a feeder, I was forced… Continue reading

Burlesque Showcase

I’m really hoping to have finished processing the photographs from the burlesque dancing section of the City Academy Showcase today as I want to give everyone at City Academy an idea of the… Continue reading