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Breakin’ Convention – my review

The whole piece on Breakin’ Convention as originally written.

Interview with Belen, the behind-the-scenes glue of the Flamenco Festival

A brief interview with Belén Castres White, the behind-the-scenes glue for the International Flamenco Festival

Oranges are not the only fruit: Contact Gonzo and Lengger

A performance so outstanding that I’ve reviewed it after the photocall. Contact Gonzo and Lennger

Step Live at Sadler’s Wells

A Saturday evening well spent – Step Live 2016

On seating and reviewing spectacular flamenco

How the location of seating changes perceptions and therefore reviews


To say that the translator simplified Israel Galván’s words would itself be an oversimplification, so sadly those who had no understanding of Spanish would have struggled to get the nuances – or even… Continue reading

Seeta Patel: Subtle and Intense #Bharatanatyam

I’ve just had a short phone conversation with Seeta Patel for something to go with the image I hope will be taken by LondonDance.com. I know virtually nothing about Bharatanatyam but was fascinated… Continue reading

Flamenco Baby by Cherry Radford a #nospoilers #review

  There’s a big clue to the plot in the title to this book, so it’ll be no surprise to read that much of the book is about whether the protagonist gets the… Continue reading

Flamenco Fever – Sadler’s Wells and beyond

I’ve just started catching up on work that was delayed by the Sadler’s Wells Flamenco Festival and thought I’d use this post to mark its passing. I blogged for Dance Today through the… Continue reading

Enfant Serendipity

Should English be used in an aesthetically appealing way or is bald grammar and jangling words like ‘virtuosic’ be enough?  Is clarity in language an absolute or does it depend on the target… Continue reading