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Sylvie Guillem on technical perfection #dance #quoteoftheday #dancequote


Today’s quote by Sylvie Guillem; “Technical perfection is insufficient. It is an orphan without the true soul of the dancer” was suggested by Christine Webb. The dancer is the beautiful and talented Seeta… Continue reading

Seeta Patel: Subtle and Intense #Bharatanatyam


I’ve just had a short phone conversation with Seeta Patel for something to go with the image I hope will be taken by LondonDance.com. I know virtually nothing about Bharatanatyam but was fascinated… Continue reading

7 things to consider before asking me for something for free


  I’ve written this post in response to the many people in the dance industry who have asked me for free images (3 of whom have done so, just in the last 3… Continue reading