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How Bob Hope learned to dance..

Image of Yorke Dance’s Wordsworth and comedic dance quote by Bob Hope.

10 pointers to help you become a better social dance photographer

10 points to help you improve your dance photography.

A complicated story..

Photograph of Yorke Dance’s Wordsworth and a quote from George Balanchine.

Last Day of Summer Dance Party

I’m not sure what initially attracted me to the Last Day of Summer Dance Party at the Southside Ballroom in Wandsworth last Saturday. It might have been the Lemington-Nejc demo dances (you’ve probably… Continue reading

It’s all about the dog (and tango of course) #dance #photos #tandatuesday

It’s always great when I find a new perspective from which to show the social dances I shoot so I was really happy to discover that neither dog nor owner minded my including… Continue reading

Ballet, Ballroom and Body Lines

I learn about a huge number of workshops and master classes but rarely decide to go to one unless I already have a commission to photograph or write about it. There are too… Continue reading

dance image representing evanescent on #wordymonday

This week I’ve chosen the word evanescent to represent in dance photos for #WordyMonday. It’s a bit of a cop-out, since I chose it because of the images I wanted to share rather… Continue reading

Regal, Another #wordymonday dance photography interpretation

To interpret the word Regal (suggested by Eleanor Marriott) I’ve gone all the way back to a ballroom dance event I covered for Dance Today in 2010. It was in Newbury and I… Continue reading

Morning Glory: A morning rave set me up nicely #LoveMyJob

I went down to cover Morning Glory this morning (along, it would seem, with the rest of the UK’s national and local media and bloggerati). Everyone – and I do mean everyone –… Continue reading

Courting Cortinas – a #tandatuesday post

Lynn Collins spends hours choosing cortinas; “because I think they are a vital part of the flavour of a milonga. Choice depends on [the] time of day, harmony with tango music and general… Continue reading