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Surprises Streb at Trafalgar Square

Coming back into radio contact now after a very intense trip looking for brown bears, polar bears, moose, beluga whales and bison in Northern Canada. This shot is another that I took on… Continue reading

Streb Surprise at Millennium Bridge

I got up at 5am to take this and used a very long lens (thank you Alan). Found a place on the bank of the river that would give me a different angle… Continue reading

Will Silks

Back to the Big Dance Bus in Islington because I didn’t have the time to go to Covent Garden as I hoped to do yesterday. This is Will, performing a solo silks piece.

jairo jumps

A cancelled meeting in Oxford gave me the opportunity to visit Chelmsford for some flamenco. I got lost on the way (an all-too-regular occurrence) and nearly didn’t get in (I had been communicating… Continue reading

hoop dancing in old vic tunnels

This is one of a series of shots from a recent cirus party at the Old Vic Tunnels that was organised by Salida Productions. With even lower light than normal and an audience… Continue reading

a look as they swing

Dancers at ‘A Right Royal Swing Up’, organised by Simon Selmon on the last day of the Jubilee weekend.

hoops, top hats and high heels

One more shot from last night’s alternative Jubilee evening before I go to shoot more Jubilee dance today. This again is Jackie Le on the hoop at the Flying Fleas’ Top Hats and… Continue reading

alternative jubilee evening

It has been a busy day, chasing Jubilee related dance shots in the rain. Here’s one of Jackie Le from this evening’s Flying Fleas production. Postscript 25th July 2012, Jackie is using this… Continue reading

air lift

I like this shot, also taken at the Big Dance Bus celebration of the Lift Hub at White Lion Street, because it shows the height at which the circus artists were working. What… Continue reading

half shadowed

Half shadowed Compagnie Retouramont

An image from last year’s Dancin’ Oxford