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#metoo turned inside out: a performance of womb-centric healing

Anecdotal account of my experience watching a rehearsal of Womb Paves Way

Diacritic on #wordymonday

A facebook friend used the word ‘diacritics’last week which prompted me to decide to represent its meaning in the form of a photograph on #WordyMonday. For those who don’t know what it means… Continue reading

H.O.H. One Night at The Place

I’m just back from shooting this, the performance is tonight. I’ve posted this shot quickly because I like the light. I first saw this piece in Barking last year. It’s still essentially the… Continue reading

ArtsCross London, potential indeed #RepriseWednesday

After working far too long on Sunday (until 3am – Yes! 3 in the morning) I only just managed to get up in time for a photocall at The Place, where I witnessed… Continue reading

Black Album #2

both images: Tony Adigun’s Black Album performed at The Place As you can see it was very very dark. I also wanted the images to convey the atmosphere of this part of the… Continue reading