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Globe on #Wordy Monday

Not as subtle as normal but I’m enjoying my holidays – and the small amount of photoshopping this involved. The word Globe was suggested by JokerXL and this shot comes from a series… Continue reading

Plinth: a dance photography interpretation for #WordyMonday

I shot this fan dancer – on a rather large plinth, you’ll note – at the 2013 Japan Matsuri at Trafalgar Square earlier this year. It was suggested by Ms Hedgehog. Fan dancing… Continue reading

Watching the Watchers

Two girls watching the changing projections at Big Dance 2010 I’m posting this from Miami where I’m researching new dance photography. Like the girls in this shot I’m not yet completely sure I’ll… Continue reading

slow square imaging

Towards the end of the day, this was David Michalek’s installation; Slow Dancing at Trafalgar Square. I like it for the colours and sheer scale, but couldn’t help being slightly envious that anyone… Continue reading

trafalgar tea dance

More from Big Dance 2010 (we now have 83 days to go until Big Dance 2012), this was part of the Tea Dance in Trafalgar Square. It wasn’t busy at all while I… Continue reading