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Mark Mountney, Angel of Wanstead #2

About Mark Mountney, the second in the series of Angels of Wanstead.

Colin, the first ‘Angel of Wanstead’

Introducing Colin Bird the first of a series of local heroes from a column I contribute to Wanstead Local Directory.

25 Angels and pieces I’m proud to have written

Features I’m proud to have written which cover topics as different as risk management, travel, quality assurance and my local heroes column for Wanstead Directory

Anyone for tennis?

More from the Angels shoot with Lemington and Nejc, mainly because I’ve promised to post this image.

Nejc and Lemington

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been commissioned to do another shoot with Nejc and Lemington for Dance Today. It will be in a studio (this time) and feature the two men dancing in… Continue reading

Photographic interpretation of Regal on #WordyMonday

This Monday has come around amazingly quickly, probably because I spent two days in bed as a result of working myself sick. Nonetheless, pretty much everything is running to schedule and I’m expecting… Continue reading

Mortal, a #WordyMonday Dance Image

The #WordyMonday word for this week – Mortal – was suggested by Eleanor Marriott. It just happens to come from a shoot I did in the rain today, and I picked it for… Continue reading

Which Orientation in Wanstead?

I have a theory, but to see if it’s right I need your help. Please tell me which orientation of this image you prefer and – if you possibly can – why. This… Continue reading


Image: twelve-twelve-twelcome (c) Carole Edrich 2012 I was inspired to play with my images tonight because of a facebook contact’s update that claimed we’ll never have another symmetrical date again. Since this isn’t… Continue reading