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Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon” comes from Edward Lear’s ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’. I chose it because it… Continue reading

She raised one leg

In dance and love, like much of life, you get out only what you’re able to put in. That’s why I like John Green’s words; “She raised one leg and gave me all… Continue reading

What can be called an art..

“All display of talents do not become an object of art; the talent that touches the hearts of onlookers and listeners only can be called an art, be it music, painting, sculpture or… Continue reading

“It’s not a test” #Inspirational Dance Quote by WayneMcGregor

“With dance and theatre I think people get very nervous about not knowing the right things. They feel like they’ve missed something, or that they’re not bright enough to watch it. It’s not… Continue reading

Male dancers were a rare breed #twylatharp #dancequote #dance

Born in 1941 Twyla Tharp founded her own company when she was 23. She worked as Baryshnikov’s artistic associate at the American Ballet Theatre and after a while took a break. She returned… Continue reading

Deja Vu represented as a #dance #image on #wordymonday

I produced this image in response to the news about a 23 year old British student who has been forced to drop out of university because of chronic déjà vu. This does not… Continue reading

Vuong 10 #dance #images #review

Anyone with an ounce of awareness will have seen the trend: people are relying increasingly on the internet and the intercession of communications devices for the way they interact, and sometimes to communicate… Continue reading